for your daily writing

I began words as an offline alternative to 750words.com. When opened you get a nice, page-sized textarea to write in. As you write it autosaves every 20 seconds, but you can also manually save with CTRL+S.

By default it will save your writing as dated text files in ~/words, you can change this location (say, to Dropbox) by first clicking the listing icon in the top-right, then the settings icon. Here you can also change the word target from 750 to something more (or less) ambitious, and you can change the font settings used.


To run you'll need ruby installed. These instructions also assume you have pow installed. Go to your favourite directory, and run

$ git clone https://github.com/hawx/words.git
$ cd words
$ cd ~/.pow
$ ln -s /path/to/words
$ cd -

You should now be able to open http://words.dev in web browser. And type…