Recent calls to customer services, rated

Scottish Power – ☆☆☆☆☆

After you’ve waited long enough to get through, it sounds like their call centre has only one phone, and all of the operators are speaking in to it at once. It was next to impossible to struggle through the first round but I did manage to get passed to “the correct” department.

Once through to the department I needed, they proceeded to tell me the problem I had wasn’t a problem, obviously after confirming with a colleague to make it sound more like an official judgement. They then advised I call a National Grid number, which I had done previously, and were the ones who told me to contact my supplier. Yay, loops.

John Lewis – ★★★★★

I connected to someone in like 5 seconds, they confirmed some details, and then they cancelled the part of my order I wanted cancelling. It just worked, what else would you expect?

Virgin Media – ☆☆☆☆★

Connected pretty quickly to an operator after going down a few menus. I did have to start again because I tried going down one alley which asked me to input some characters from my account password (surely they didn’t mean that password).

Then the operator asked me for the first character of my password. When I said I didn’t know they asked for my last bill amount (which I didn’t have to hand so I guessed), and the sort code of the bank account on file (also didn’t have to hand, but I could at least name the bank).

THEY THEN READ MY PASSWORD TO ME AND COMMENTED HOW WEIRD IT WAS, which, obviously, it was randomly generated, but… what. They read me my password after I failed to answer the security questions I was asked. :mindblown:

The rest of the call was what you expect when trying to cancel a service: instead of cancelling they put you on hold to look up the prices of the service you are moving to, then offer discounts, the waiving of fees, and 4 bottles of wine.

Eventually they cancelled, but it could have been a 3 minute call. I should probably knock off another ★ for the password, but they did eventually get what I wanted done.